Meet Radbourne

We are a new breed of trusted advisor to business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors

We bring the best of top-tier consultancy skills — which allows us to take an intellectually rigorous, customer-led approach to shaping and delivering our clients’ most complex projects. We have worked across strategy, operations, technology, change and organisation at start-ups to global enterprises.

We assemble the perfect team from our trusted ecosystem — which means our clients get the proven specialist skills they need from Radbourne, our freelance associates, our partner companies, and their networks. We come together and reshape quickly in response to our clients’ needs — to deliver real value.

We blend technology, creativity and storytelling — which makes us pragmatic, innovative partners for our clients’ most important technology initiatives. We help in making strategic choices, communicating them widely and executing rapidly to make our clients’ customers, staff, executives and owners / investors wildly successful.

We are entrepreneurial and unencumbered by organisational inertia — which makes us easy-to-deal with, super responsive to client and market needs, and commercially flexible. We act as a lean start-up, not just talk about it. We obsess over our clients’ success. Our reputation and long-standing client relationships are built on it.

What we do

We apply strategy + technology to shape and deliver our clients’ most important business initiatives

We advise on, shape, and deliver innovative business-led technology strategies.

Our assignments

We approach each project as an opportunity to lend a hand in the pursuit of real business value

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Dream team

We assemble a tailor-made dream team perfectly suited for your project

The Radbourne model is built on collaboration. We assemble teams of seasoned specialists from our trusted network of associates, other freelancers, partner companies and their networks for each engagement. We call our extensive network of networks the Radbourne Ecosystem.

Christy Kulasingam

Lead Stratnologist
Chief Team Assembler

Since founding Radbourne, Christy has been assembling and delivering client work around the world with a network of super star professionals. He uses his wide-ranging business and technology experience, as well as transferrable industry insights to advice, shape, and deliver innovative business-led technology strategies. Christy has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and international business consulting with Arthur Andersen and Deloitte.

Christy has worked extensively with entrepreneurs and management teams; their investors, including venture capital funds and top tier private equity firms; and their customers across many sectors. Christy is also co-founder of a big data and analytics services company, Onepoint IQ.

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Contact us for advice on getting value from tech and how digital innovation can be applied in your organisation. Business questions to geeky queries, it’s all good. Or tell us about a project you have in mind.